Meet Kim Bland

With a vast background in all things sports and nutrition, Kim lives and breathes fitness. Passionate about helping others achieveĀ  better overall health, Kim began her fitness journey when she was diagnosed with Hypothyroid disease. After receiving her diagnosis, Kim saw, first-hand, how hard it was to lose weight and keep it off. As a fairly common ailment, she knew something had to be done, because she could not be the only one who was struggling with keeping up a well-balanced, enjoyable lifestyle.

With a desire to start a movement towards living a healthier life, Kim began RockSolid LifeStyle to help others balance their mind and body. The key to health is fitness, and you only achieve your true potential when you have balance. With balance comes happiness, followed by joy, harmony and the ability to perform in our personal lives, at an elevated manner.

Graduating with a degree in Sports/Nutrition (DSU) with her Masters in Education, Kim has worked as a basketball and volleyball coach, as well as an instructor for Farrell’s Body Shaping, learning from experience what it takes to run a business and to be in a management position. Putting your need first and working with your fitness level, Kim displays her passion while seeing you reach success.

Like Kim, many struggle with understanding the proper way to achieve balance. Having a professional coach is essential to your well-being and development, and with her help, Kim hopes to show others what it takes to break habits, empowering them to make changes that last a lifetime. Your goals are attainable, and with her help, Kim can lead you towards becoming the best you yet.